Grace Note

If you ever felt left behind, out of sync, running fast to catch up, or anxious that you missed the boat you are not alone. Many of my clients have reported feeling a bit less agitated and less plummeting self esteem in the last two weeks. Many report feeling less anxious about feeling pressured to succeed, whether for their age, stage of life or life circumstance. It seems paradoxical to have a part of us feeling less anxious while more anxious about the global pandemic, We’ve determined that the world’s recent slowing has had a peculiar settling effect on our personal nervous energy that runs below the surface of our minds.

These observations leave us with the knowledge that not only is it our personal lives that affect our feeling of well being, but the subliminal comparisons that we unconsciously carry as citizens if the 21st century. We tend to widely share a strong belief system about achievement and, among entrepreneurs, a continuous and exhausting work imperative. A shared meta cognition.

When the greater “all” of the world is in roughly similar circumstances ( even for different reasons) the tide of individual angst has time to subside.

Now, we need to choose what to do with the revealed psychic space. How are we re-thinking, re-generating, and doing the psycho-educational work necessary to bring ourselves into better alignment. This time is what I call the “grace period.”