Just Thinking…. Post-Election Reflection

Just thinking.. How are we going to manage ourselves for the difficult task we citizens face going forward? The following was simply an entry in my journal, upon re-reading I thought it might be useful to share…   Late morning here in the South West, a day of some relief, a time to refuel our […]

Growth Mindsets Episode 1

Growth Mindsets Episode 1 What is it “Finally the Time For” in your life? Productivity and Restorative Mindsets with Dr. Andrea Gould Part 1 of a video series exploring growth mindsets and optimizing your inner narrative to strive for a productive thoughts and actions.

Relaxation Respite Meditation

Relaxation respite   (Please note that the recording may take a moment to load and make sure that the audio bar on the right of the black bar is adjusted to allow you to hear it.) Recorded during the troubling ‘quarantine days’ of COVID-19 in the Spring of 2020, this meditation is designed to relax […]

Grace Note

If you ever felt left behind, out of sync, running fast to catch up, or anxious that you missed the boat you are not alone. Many of my clients have reported feeling a bit less agitated and less plummeting self esteem in the last two weeks. Many report feeling less anxious about feeling pressured to […]

What’s Feng Shui Anyway?

[…] Although any student of Feng Shui can memorize and paraphrase ancient traditions and rules, such teaching runs the risk of becoming as the Haftorah in Jewish religious practice…that is, a set of readings now used in ritual which have little to do with the current situation but rather pertains to problems and their solutions […]