Andrea S. Gould, Ph.D.

I am a licensed psychologist with private practices in New York and Arizona and founder and CEO of Lucid Learning Systems, LLC.  I received my doctoral training in clinical and community psychology at Hofstra University and am Board Certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology in cognitive behavioral psychology.  My career includes individual psychotherapy, consulting work for media, staff development in business, private and not for profit as well as public education, and university mentoring.

Lucid Learning Systems was founded in 1983;  as a consultative and educational organization that teaches people how to optimize their learning process, and to purposefully change lives for the better. This passionate mission connects seekers with our creative compendium entitled, “Enlightened Information for Transformation™.”

A diligent collector of theory and research on learning and brain/mind processes, all products developed out of our institute have the distinctive ability to help make any learning process more transparent. Our excitement and ingenuity is in crafting “animated” (multi-media) curricula for the management of change and transition and is the foundation of our workshops and speaking engagements. We designs programs and provide timely and meaningful leadership for people and projects in the process of change.

Lucid Learning Systems manages the“Intergenerational Mentoring Matrix™” as a social innovation that brings the art of encouragement to a new level of expertise and has a mission of matching lifelong learners with hand picked mentors..

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