What is Lucid Learning?

Dr. Andrea S. Gould began Lucid Learning Systems in the early 1980s.  Her mission as President of Lucid Learning Systems is to provide “Enlightened Information for Transformation,”  —to supply an accessible owner’s manual for individuals by shining a light on the internal processes and patterns which make for uniqueness— and which when revealed, possess the essential power to motivate successful behavior.

What makes Lucid Learning Systems products different from other ways of learning is that these products keep the learner engaged by aligning the process of education with the individual capabilities of the learner.

Each learning system is designed to access the talents, preferences and resources of the learner.  Essential information is then presented in a variety of ways –in most cases allowing for the learner’s style to determine sequence, duration, and exposure to the spectrum of material on relevant subjects. “Lucid Learning” employs a grand diversity of juicy bits of information presented in via multimedia.  This affords interactive methods for the consumer fortunate enough to know that learning is one of life’s most pleasant adventures.

By design these learning systems are “integration” oriented to ease the assimilation of information (what people learn) by attending to the emotional and motivational aspects of how people learn.  Therefore the consumer learns faster and is able to make lasting changes in behavior that lead to successful outcomes in all areas of life.

Lucid Learning Systems offers products and presentations so that people can experience the exhilaration of discovery . . . an inevitable byproduct of learning.  When curiosity is piqued, one is poised for learning.  Growth sets in and this, in itself is rewarding.

Voila! —  change is born.