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This program is appropriate for anyone in transition from one phase of life to another. Our multigenerational platform welcomes all — from recent graduates to those reinventing, retiring or simply refreshing and rewiring.

Are you ready to reach for the kind of life that works with who you are NOW?

Thursday, June 13, 2019 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

The Urban Grove, 550 W. Orange Grove, Tucson, AZ. A $297 value! Early registration discount, RSVP by May 24, only $89 RSVP after May 24, $109 (includes a light lunch)

Reclaim the passion and purpose you yearn to manifest! Conquer doubts and anxiety about shifting from where you are to where you want to be! Experience wise feedback from openhearted professionals and likeminded others. Gain the necessary direction and connections for moving more easily into your future. Bonus: Enjoy creating a genuine recipe for satisfaction with Chef Sabrina of the Urban Grove!

You deserve a delicious day dedicated to nourishing your spirit! Envision, Engage, Evolve!

Space is limited, enroll NOW or phone Andrea Gould, Ph.D. at (516) 526-9488


In a position of ever-evolving transitions, this website holds a collection of learning experiences for people on a quest to have a purposeful and productive life. We offer “courses of action” individually crafted and personalized to meet the need to grow in the face of change, or change in the face of demanding times.

Lucid Learning Systems wholeheartedly supports our clients through their struggles and toward the triumphs in their lives. After years of collecting training and experience, we are concentrating our focus on the process and nature of change and transition; our broadest passions. Aside from working individually with those who are motivated to do so, we offer Lucid Learning Salons- all intended to teach the essential mindsets and skills to assist people who are motivated to harness the power of intentional growth.

A few of my favorites :

Creating Your Place in the World is especially crafted for people on the verge of invention or reinvention– post training, leaving college or transitioning into A Next Chapter of Life. Groups within this theme are generally intergenerational to maximize ideas and input in designing a footpath into the future. Creating Your Place in the World can be taken in a half dozen ‘one to one’ individual session format, or in a group/ cohort with others. Your choice.

Then there’s Something More: Owning Inner Beauty for those people looking to re-evaluate, deepen and solidify a relationship with “Self.” Often, before we can begin to imagine our way into a change of life, re-view and re-evaluation are necessary steps preceding forward motion. Something more can be taken as ‘one to one’ sessions or in a cohort with others. Your choice.

What we’re really excited about now is giving our clients the ability to shape and design Lucid Learning communities around a theme that’s relevant and particular to that group. Some of our clients have thought about creating a lucid learning event as a theme for a life transition, important birthday or anniversary, etc. Often a group of friends will approach us to convene a community for a specific life change like entering parenthood or caregiving an elder. Think about giving a Lucid twist to your next life event.

If you are already working with others in partnership or team, People Who Work with People is a Course of Action that exposes the dynamics of empathy, communication and workplace effectiveness to sculpt better teams and guarantee results within working relationships. Originally written for Training and Development Professionals, this course has been adapted as an individual consultation course with on-line group sessions.

We invite you to take a stroll through the website. Feel free to contact us about formatting the best possible lucid learning environment for your personal quest!


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