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Change is difficult for everyone. I can help make it easier. If you’re reading this page, then you’ve thought about talking to someone–getting advice, releasing your feelings or making a plan to experiment with “doing life differently.”  Perhaps you’ve even thought about the benefits of dialog with a “trusted other.”

What can you expect? Our private sessions are times when the focus is on you alone, when you can explore and resolve feelings–ways to test new ground and to get feedback. Our dynamic conversations can help you leave your comfort zone and discover new strategies for living.

My approach is practical– a blend of sensible, inspiring philosophies and proven cognitive/behavioral techniques. We form a coaching partnership and decide together what direction our sessions will take. My approach is active and engaging. We design ideas that make sense in helping you with the necessary modifications to improve your life.

Learning, growth and change are interrelated and improve confidence and competence. If you are no longer comfortable with where you are, but still feel an understandable anxiety about creating even the smallest change, e-mail me at to arrange for a free introductory telephone consultation to ask your questions and ease your mind.