Engage in an Education to Foster Your Leadership!

What is the People Who Work with People Coach Training Program…

and why is it for all of us?

A message from Lucid Learning Systems’ Founder Andrea S. Gould, Ph.D.

This Lucid Learning Program is for people who work with people and who want to do it better.  Here, we focus on the most fundamental aspect of enhancing human development — how to facilitate positive learning, growth and change with individuals in your work and personal life.

“For People Who Work with People” is distinguished by decades of experience that over time turns into wisdom aching to be shared.  I designed this program synthesizing much of my work with hundreds of individual and corporate clients into a rich and dimensional medley of content and process.  Through group-work, individual coaching and counseling, focus questions to ponder, and tracking your own reactions to the materials, you will comfortably achieve new perspectives on your own inner dynamics and be immediately able to apply these insights in your personal and professional life.

This curriculum offers a unique and creative blend of know-how, intuition and mindfulness based interaction. The content goes beyond affirmations, or seeking happiness or effectiveness because it creatively elicits insight and mastery of the inner dynamics that drive behavior. The experience of its participants is one of ease, delight and surprise as previously bothersome and mysterious interpersonal patterns seem to dissolve and reconfigure in user friendly and productive ways.

The work is easily applied to any venue where people work with people and desire results!

Our philosophy is that you can benefit from learning this material immediately by applying it to yourself, as you shine a light on the very specific and unique factors that make you, YOU!

You will be guided to assess and experiment with new ways of questioning/viewing yourself as well as being and operating in the world. You will then be supported in carefully and thoughtfully adapting what you learn to your own chosen model coaching client and evaluating how to match these “lucid learnings” to your needs in personal and professional ways— in a variety of venues — within your relationships, your workplace and with your actual clients or students.

Over time, in working with people from various backgrounds, I come to the conclusion that helping people is a talent we all deserve to develop.  While dealing with pathology might be rightfully assigned to the realm of licensed professionals, navigating life’s transitions and changes demands that each of us has emotional intelligence and interpersonal proficiency.

Who among us has not been asked to help a frustrated young adult, or a best friend, or a co-worker to cope with what seem like everyday issues but which cause a fair amount of pain and stress not only for the person themselves, but for those with whom they live?   How often do we feel thwarted or self doubting because we are not necessarily “professional” enough to lend a hand?  Why do we so offer second guess our natural intuition and/or instinct when it comes to listening deeply and offering solace and guidance.  Why should the concerns of individuals in your personal life always be relegated to expensive professional help?  Why are we not entitled as members of the human family to be able to use our creative resources to help one another get through turbulent times?

Lucid Learning’s “For People Who Work with People,” offers a spectrum of 12 clear lenses ( through/with which) to view life transitions and their emotional consequences.
These illuminated “windows” offer inspiration and information for transformation of dysfunctional to functional interactions helping you to gain confidence and skill.