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At Lucid Learning Systems, LLC., we understand that every life stage presents its own unique set of challenges. Whether you are an individual, group or organization, we can help you identify resources and create opportunity for growth. Our individual counseling, self-guided programs, and online seminars help you determine your desired outcome and assist you in planning for positive change.

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For Transitional Life Stages

This program is appropriate for anyone in transition from one phase of life to another. Our multigenerational platform welcomes all — from recent graduates to those reinventing, retiring or simply refreshing and rewiring.
Are you ready to reach for the kind of life that works with who you are NOW? Reclaim the passion and purpose you yearn to manifest! Conquer doubts and anxiety about shifting from where you are to where you want to be! Experience wise feedback from openhearted professionals and likeminded others. Gain the necessary direction and connections for moving more easily into your future.

Creating Your Place in the World

For Every Life Stage

Discover your calling. Take a journey of self-discovery with us and learn how your personal style and preferences shape your true talents with respect to life purpose and life style.  This program will give you a better understanding of who you are and what you are really meant to do, we can help you make those tough career choices or just teach you how to live life to the fullest.

Psychology of Environment and Feng Shui

For Every Life Stage

The ancient practice of Feng Shui creates a great sense of wellbeing and prosperity. Learn and understand the philosophy and mindset to initiate and maintain your personal practice. Discover and realize that by incorporating methods and Feng Shui principles, you will be able to position yourself for success and fulfillment in your larger life environment.

For People Who Work With People


This Lucid Learning Program is for people who work with people and who want to do it better.  Here, we focus on the most fundamental aspects of learning, growth and change, with a profound and novel take on individual differences. Facilitate productivity with individuals in your work and personal life!

Virgin Widow: Working Through Loss of Love


Losing a loved one, especially a life partner or spouse can induct us into an unfamiliar world of disorientation, disillusionment and grief.  “The Virgin Widow Seminar” is a lovingly crafted support system for the newly widowed and imparts philosophy and strategy for coping with a profoundly life altering experience.  Begin to understand how you cope with loss and find ways to make the crossing easier through the gentle process of visiting the past while making plans for the future.

See information of Dr. Andrea Gould’s published book at The Virgin Widow page.

Preparing for Partnership-
Making differences work for you!

For Every Life Stage

What if there was a better way to get to know your partner before you make a commitment? What if you could learn your prospective partner’s values, beliefs and perceptions before making choices and decisions that can affect the rest of your life? What if you could establish an accurate roadmap for intimacy that honors your uniqueness as well as your partner’s? Add a skill set that can foster “less stress relationships” applicable to building life as well as work partnerships.  Learn to understand how individual differences can build or break a relationship.

Making it Yours

 For Every Life Stage

Incorporating into your life what you have just learned in any workshop or seminar can be difficult at best.  No matter how hard you try often the lessons you learned disappear within a few weeks if they even make it out of your briefcase.  Making It Yours was created to teach people the tools necessary for integrating new information.  Meet with success and be proud of your accomplishments.

The Intergenerational Mentoring Matrix

For Every Life Stage

Imagine if you could combine the exuberance of youth with the wisdom of age, there would be no limits to what you could accomplish!  This unique salon brings individuals of all ages together to act as both questors and mentors.  Interacting to stimulate each other’s creativity and “calling.”  If you are developing a new project or searching for you life purpose, join this unique forum where you can explore the endless solutions and possibilities that like minds can generate.

Walking the Path: Menopause


More women than ever are in the midst of the myths and the mists of menopausal change. Menopause ushers in the reality that our lives are finite and that our journeys are limited. This perceived compression of time could lend urgency and energy to our daily lives. We alone have the choice to allow this urgency to deplete us by focusing on loss with bitterness and regret, or to propel us forward by adopting a more spiritual perspective, which lends us inspiration and grace moving forward.  Learn to use this time of life to find the creativity and inspiration that leads to a life well lived.

The Next Chapter of Life


This self-directed program is an individualized coaching process for those who feel the need to think creatively about the future.  It embraces the whole person – needs, hopes, and unfulfilled dreams.  It allows for a realistic appraisal of your resources and possibilities.  It acknowledges time limitations in making the changes that would meet your expectations for a life well lived. Most appropriate for seekers looking for alternatives to what used to be called “retirement,” or who have graduated from full time work and are ready to redesign both life and lifestyle, personally, professionally and economically.

What’s Next Group: Managing Transition


During our lifetimes we will go through many different stages and possibly multiple careers.  This group offers the support needed when making the transition from one stage to another.  It provides clarity during a time that tends to be full of questions and self-doubt.  Let us help you illuminate your new path along life’s journey!

The Enlightened Parent Advantage Program


Parents hold the awesome power to shape their child’s reality.  This is a huge responsibility in these challenging and unpredictable times.  The Enlightened Parent Advantage Program (TEPA) provides a lens through which parents can understand their children’s true nature and thus foster their growth. Help your children identify their talents and guide them toward a successful and fulfilling life.  The enlightened parent benefits from a combination of age-old wisdom mixed with new insights from contemporary brain development and learning theories.

Real Life 101 – The Lucid Learning Way

Young Adults

Have you ever said to yourself “I wish I knew then, what I know today?”  This program provides young adults with that knowledge.  It is designed to help teens understand where they fit in; highlighting and developing the skills necessary to become self-sufficient and self-actualizing in an unpredictable world.

Today’s Girls Tomorrows Leaders:
An Innovative Approach to Leadership Development

 Young Adults

This interactive, hands-on workshop is designed for people in organizations who have the ability to influence policy and implement programs that support leadership development for girls and women.  It is a comprehensive character/skill building program and curriculum, which fosters individuality, creativity and emotional intelligence – the essential building blocks of leadership.

Constructive Configurations


For an organization to be successful, it needs to be able to capitalize on “synergy;” the energy generated when a team of individuals who understand each other are in pursuit of a common goal.  This program teaches company people about the use of “synergy” in motivating enthusiastic performance.  With carefully designed instructional modules, this team development series helps people to understand themselves and each other.  The results build trust, communication and cooperation among employees. Productivity results!

Training Group for Professionals-
Helping Others to Find Their Place in the World


If you have been working in the field of human development, coaching, guidance, advisement, or counseling this training group will offer structure and direction for professionals whose mission it is to help others find theirs.  Using the Lucid Learning curriculum “Finding Your Place in the World,” this training group allows participants to practice their mentoring skills and to add substance to their own work with young adults and others who need to invent and/or re-invent themselves.


 *Professionals including: Psychologists, Teachers, Counselors, and Coaches